• Selected for The 34th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, Agorà Gallery with Projections

  • Nominee at Fine Art Photography Awards 2019:

    Conceptual Professional category with Memento Mori

    Street Photography Professional category with Subveil and Venice Beach, 2018

Group Exhibition:

2019 - Agorà Gallery, Projections, in “The 34th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition”, New York, NY

2019 - New York Film Academy, Self-portrait Smoking, in “Interpretive Portraiture”, Los Angeles, CA

2018 - Exhibit A Gallery, Projections, in “Unnative Sense”, Los Angeles, CA

2017 - New York Film Academy, Antenne, in “Sustainable Axis”, Los Angeles, CA


Voyage L.A. Magazine, in Meet Federico Imperiale, 2019

Voyage L.A. Magazine, in Meet Masato di Santo, 2018

Autori Fanpage, in Anche le certezze “qualche volta scappano”, 2017

TeatriOnline, in Qualche Volta Scappano, 2017

Faro di Roma, in Qualche Volta Scappano.., 2017

Rivista Donna, in Sbarca Nell’Isola “Qualche Volta Scappano”.. , 2016

La Nuova Sardegna, in “Qualche volta scappano”.. , 2016

Unione Sarda, in Palau: al teatro Montiggia la stagione del Cedac, 2015


2018 New York Film Academy, Los Angeles, CA, M.F.A. in Photography

2015 IULM University of Milan, Italy, M.A. in Cinema, Television and New Media Studies

2013 National Film School of Rome, Italy, Certificate in Music Scoring for Film

2012 Mohole School of Milan, Italy, Certificate in Filmmaking

2011  D.A.M.S.- University of Genoa, Italy, B.A. in Cinema Studies